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Broken Mirrors....(2018)

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Bought Lessons

Summer 2016

The title of this work is borne from many different inspirations and various experiences. Some good, some bad, some were life changing and some were indifferent but they are all there. We all have them and if we allow ourselves to drift and think about what we have learned and why we learned it, we may find ourselves a little wiser than we were when we started our journey. I did. I invite you to join me as I share some of my most life changing experiences in the hopes that it encourages you wherever you are in your life walk.


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Degrees of Perfection

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Have you ever had one of those light bulb moments? You know, one of those times when you suddenly “got it.” Well author SoulJourner Howard has, and she wants to share with readers the story of how she went from living a manic existence with no purpose to living a peace-filled life, laughing as she went.


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