Uniquely gifted in the art of
conversation..I am able to give life
to the mundane; and find humor
in routine; and reveal the strength
that each one of us carries as we
journey together!
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Need  a quick laugh to get you through your day? 

If so take the opportunity to see some of my performances live! 

You may discover humor in the everyday stuff. 

Or maybe get a word of encouragement that will aid you in completing your daily tasks. 

Whatever the case maybe your steps will be a lighter after spending time with me.  Enjoy Spoken Word with a Purpose.

The first written production from Amateur Author SoulJourner Howard. 

Join her as she reveals her journey from struggle to success!

Who do I love to share with? Families with Special Needs Children; Women & Men; People who have the responsibility and privilege of having a family!

I Write, I Laugh, I Love, I Am

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SoulJourner Howard

Coming 2016:

Bought Lessons

Broken Mirrors

Degrees of Perfection

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Spoken Word with A Purpose

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